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BIG RIG BBQ is a mobile BBQ caterer serving New England's private parties, weddings, festivals and any event you can think of.

A love for cooking and 23 years in the metal fabrication world laid the foundation for what today is BIG RIG BBQ. We are a family run business that takes great pride in serving our customers authentic wood fired BBQ.

Spending years in the backyard cooking on hand crafted smokers and grills was the starting point for BIG RIG. We spent countless hours tending wood fires, mastering temperature control, reading and studying the art of authentic BBQ and always maintaining a passion for the craft.

Pitmaster Clay LaForte had a vision of a hand made BBQ trailer that could feed the masses and at the same time, serve as a BBQ cooking machine for smaller events and always maintain the integrity of the product.

With that, the search was on for all the pieces that would be re-purposed, hand fabricated and modified to create the BIG RIG. 

We have a great tow-able set, unlike a typical "food truck" that is equipped to serve you, give a great vibe to your event and a promise to our customers to deliver, on time, affordable, legitimate BBQ.



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