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All BIG RIG BBQ catering events include appropriate sauces per your BBQ selections

Pricing is quoted once we receive your selections and number of guests at your function

We work one on one with our clients so we can help make your event custom to your needs & budget

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BEEF BRISKET - Slow smoked Central TX style for the best brisket around. Succulent and melty in your mouth. This BBQ icon will not dissapoint. Served as slices from the flat and the point. Sliced on location.

BURNT ENDS - When the brisket point gets smoked for hours, then cubed, tossed in a special sauce and re-smoked ... you end up with these beauties. Melt in your mouth bbq goodness !

SHORT RIBS - Beef ribs that are smoked for hours to establish that tender bite and unforgettable BBQ bark. A Central TX BBQ classic

TRI TIP SANTA MARIA - Bottom sirloin cut, marinated and smoked with red oak, then seared over the hot coals. Always served fresh and sliced on the spot. A Califdornia BBQ classic meets the east :)

STEAK TIPS - Marinated forever and cooked over wood coals ... Enough said

SMOKED BBQ MEATLOAF  - YUP .... a pitmaster favorite!  Cheesy saucy meatloaf meets the smoke. If you've never had meatloaf with a smoke ring and bark and you love a good meatloaf, this is for you !




PULLED CHICKEN - Boneless, skinless thighs,  tossed with BRB rub and herbs then slow smoked in our butter bath. Cooked to fall apart done-ness, shredded and sauced. Served on a fresh roll or straight to your plate.



BBQ CHICKEN  - Our BBQ chicken drumsticks pack a punch of great flavor. A classic BBQ chicken meal finished over searing coals and a hickory sauce mop. 

BONELESS BBQ CHICKEN THIGHS - An amazing piece of chicken, just the right size to go with all your favorite sides. Smoked, then dipped in our homemade glaze before hitting the smoke a little longer. 

STUFFED BBQ CHICKEN THIGHS - Perfect thighs, stuffed with your choice (Cordon bleu, bacon/cheese or jalapeno/cream cheese), wrapped in bacon, smoked and glazed w / BIG RIG sauce for that shiny finish.






CORN BREAD - BIG RIG corn bread is moist light and super tasty. Hand mixed, baked and delivered as a staple BBQ side.

COLE SLAW - N.Carolina style cole slaw makes a sweet bite with apple cider vinegar as the base. Hand made and mixed fresh on site this cole slaw is a great addition to all of our BBQ 

POTATO SALAD - Tried, tested and delicious BIG RIG potato salad packs that cold addition to your hot BBQ. 


MAC N CHEESE -  3 types of cheese mixed into our rue then added to perfectly cooked elbows. Our Mac is super cheesy and a classic BBQ side. 

BUFFALO MAC N CHEESE - *see above *add chunks of chicken breast and buffalo sauce :) 

PIT BEANS - Great Northers soaked in a blend of molasses, brown sugar, sauce and a few secret ingredients we are unable to share at this time. These babies are good ! Before service they get a final soak of some good smoke on the RIG

CORN ON THE COB - A seasonal favorite. Steamed fresh on site in our BIG RIG KEG. Local, sweet, fresh ears. We got the salt and butter covered too !

CHILI - Award winng BIG RIG CHILI is loaded with meat, beans, chilis then soaked up in our homemade chili base. Top with some shredded cheddar and enjoy 




PULLED PORK - Slow smoked anywhere from 10-14 hours, our pulled pork forms a beautiful bark, is pulled and lightly sauced North Carolina BBQ style, with a hint of vinegar. Great on the plate or on our fresh rolls 

SPARE RIBS - St. Louis cut, hit with BRB rub, smoked and braised before getting sauced and tacked up to a great bbq bark

BABY BACKS - A pitmaster favorite. The tender rib bite is here with these 12 bone babys. 

PORK TENDERLOIN - A big ol cut of pork tenderloin is seasoned well, smoked and sliced on site for your guests. A great choice for a large crowd. Ask us if ya think we should wrap it in some bacon :) We can do that

STUFFED & SMOKED PORK TENDERLOIN - Much like our delicious pork tenderloin, this version get its fill of spinach, feta and cheddar before taking to the smoke. Sliced to order on the RIG. 






FATTIES  - 50/50 Ground beef and ground pork, stuffed with your choice of filling (jalapeno and cream cheese / bacon and cheddar or spinach and feta) is rolled into a stuffed loaf then wrapped with a bacon weave. Smoked, crispy, sliced and served onto your plate ... or on a roll for a hella bacon stuffed amazing burger :) 

SMOKED SAUSAGE - Big ol' fresh sausage links get a light rub then hit the pit for up to 4 hours. Always a crowd favorite, these guys have a great bite and can be served sliced, whole or on a roll with peppers and onions

POLISH SMOKED KIELBASA - Just like our smoked sausage, only this time the star is an all pork link that gets the slow and low treatment to transform into one of my favorite things to eat ! Whole on a roll or sliced. A little mustard maybe ? So good !

SMOKED TURKEY BREAST - This smoked turkey recipe uses a simple Texas BBQ dry rub. Slow smoked, then wrapped with butter and put back on to braise. Smoky turkey ... goodness. Sliced fresh to order off the smoker.


BIG RIG POPSICLE'S - Bacon wrapped kielbasa on a stick, slow smoked then glazed with a homemade brown sugar and honey sticky sauce. Easy to grab n go and easy to love !

BIG RIG TIKI TORCHES - Kielbasa kabobs with pineapple, onion, tomato, green and red bell peppers and an apple pineapple glaze

HOT DOGS - Got kids ? Get dogs. We use high quality dogs that get cooked and seared lightly on the griddle. Topped with your choice of ketchup, mustard, relish and pickled onion

VEGGIE BURGERS - Fresh veggie burgers for all of our non meat eating guests are a perfect go to. served hot on a roll with your choice of toppings

BBQ NACHOS - A Festival must after our BBQ nacho experiment. Crunchy tortillas topped with pulled pork, BIG RIG salsa, nacho cheese, jalapenos and a dollop of sour cream. 

BBQ TACOS - Hard or soft shell .... Brisket, pork or chicken ..... salsa, cheese, sour cream and slaw. Taco Bar anyone?



KIELBASA BOMBS - Chunks of kielbasa wrapped in bacon, stuffed with a cheddar and cream cheese mix, glazed for that perfect BBQ bite

PIG SHOTS - Bacon wrapped sausage pieces topped with a melty cube of cheddar, smoked and placed on a butter cracker for that crunch you love 

JALAPENO SMOKED POPPERSJalapenos sliced the long way, stuffed with cream cheese and chive, topped with bacon and smoked. Killah !

MOINK BALLS - Moo and Oink join forces to become a bacon wrapped mini meatball which is smoked and glazed with the BIG RIG sweet and sour sauce. These go fast ! get em while they last !

HOLY SAUSAGE! - Smoked sausage sliced on the bias and reconstituted with a sweet and spicy jus before being rendered down in the pit for awesome sausage bites

ARTICHOKE, SPINACH and PARMESAN CROSTINIS - A great wedding hor'derve. A baqutte sliced and toasted, topped with a mix of a homemade artichoke dip with spinach and a touch of fresh grated Parmesan cheese.

CHEESE n CRACKERS - Platters made up of a great mix of cheese and different kinds of crackers, pepperoni and pepperocini.

VEGGIE PLATTER - Broccoli, cauliflower, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers