The fuel for all authentic BBQ! 

Our hardwoods such as Oak, Apple, Cherry and Hickory all provide heat, smoke and flavor to our meats. Our wood is all locally sourced, naturally seasoned, and never kiln dried. We use full sized cord wood splits to get to and maintain BIG RIG heat. Constant tending of the fire is a must on an all wood burning smokers. No thermostats, no fuel assist, no gimmicks. When it comes to wood burning and hot coals, we take it seriously to give you the best, most authentic wood fired BBQ possible

The smoke produced from the burning hardwood is the key to a true smoked BBQ flavor. Allowing our meats to slow cook in in-direct heat with a constant flow of smoke on and around it, gives BBQ a great development of bark as well as a smoke ring.

 Our clean burning fires ensure a nice smoke taste which are not bitter, sooty or overwhelming. The goal is always clear or blue smoke. When it comes to smoke, we get it. We do it, we love it!

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